Yes it is FREE and there is no catch
Yes it is FREE and there is no catch
Created as a response to COVID to support the industry and backed by a strong team of investors. We do not have a plan to introduce fees for the next 2 years or longer.
More returning clients and fewer waiters
More returning clients and fewer waiters
The chase for a waiter’s attention is finally over. Clients can order food items from their smartphones while dining in. People will reorder more often if it's easier and quicker.
Take your restaurant online in minutes
Take your restaurant online in minutes
The easiest and most practical way to take your restaurant online. Simply create a QR menu and start taking dine-in, takeout and delivery orders. No tech skills required.
12 languages auto-translate
12 languages auto-translate
Set up your menu in your preferred language and let your clients choose the language - the menu will auto translate.

Instalacarte ticks all the right boxes

Safety first
Limiting the use of physical menus and promoting touchless QR Code smart menus reduces the risk of virus transmission, and keeps your customers and employees safe.
Free of charge
No need to wait days and pay expensive fees to put your menu online and create a QR Code. It is available now, free of charge. Why not try it?
Data Security
Your menu data is safely stored and regularly backed up in the state of the art cloud storage datacenter.
Instalacarte: Capture. Upload. QR-ready
Use our smart menu editor to quickly put together a digital menu in less than an hour. It is that simple.
Update your menu anytime
Change your menu in real-time you will never have to reprint a new QR Code. Be free to modify your menus 24 hours a day. Change the menu, while keeping the same QR Code.
Menu in multiple languages, with one QR Code
Communicate with diners in their preferred language. Instalacarte delivers smart menus in various languages.
Different menus with the same QR Code
Display pancakes and eggs for breakfast; salads, sandwiches, steaks for lunch. Use a single QR Code to switch between menus seamlessly.
No App download required
Scanning a QR Code menu doesn't require a third-part app. Your customers can scan the QR Code using their phone's camera and access and browse smart menu
Inspires the confidence to eat out
Re-align your restaurant with contactless technology. This gives your customers and employees the confidence to walk-in and enjoy a risk-free time.

Build Your Contactless Menu Now

Create menu

Instalacarte: Create your Online Menu

In today`s digitally-connected world, it`s hard to imagine running a business without a well-developed online presence. Instalacarte understands this and offers businesses of all sizes the ability to create an online menu with QR codes that are attractive, user-friendly, and helps them stand out from the competition. We make your online Menu, so you can focus on what you do best: cooking delicious food!

Our simple to use online menu builder lets you drag and drop dishes and drinks from your kitchen onto a digital tablet restaurant menu that can be easily shared with your customers. With Instalacarte, businesses can take advantage of customized menus to match their branding. We offer the following features:

Increased Sales and Fewer Waiters:

With an online menu that is easy to use and visually appealing, clients can easily find what they are looking for and make orders without waiting for a waiter. By taking orders online, your business can save time and money by avoiding the need for manual order taking. Moreover, an online menu is a great way to introduce potential customers to the delicious food that your business has to offer.

FREE to Use:

There is no catch! We offer our simple to use free QR code generator for restaurant menus. There are no setup fees or monthly charges. You simply create an account, choose a design, and add dishes and drinks to your QR codes for restaurant menus.

Scan QR Code Menu & Browse:

  • With a straightforward scan, customers can view your online Menu on their mobile devices.
  • No printing or downloading is necessary with the QR code contactless menu!
  • Our intuitive and easy-to-use interface makes it easy for customers to find what they are looking for.

Create Custom Menus:

Add photos of your dishes to give your customers a better idea of what they can order. You can showcase your culinary creativity by designing unique android tablet menus with enticing descriptions. We also provide you with all the features you need to make your Menu look great, such as custom fonts, colors, and templates. We`ll automatically resize your images so they look great on any device.

12 languages auto-translate:

Our free QR code menus are multilingual and can be automatically translated into 12 languages. This helps you promote your latest specials and entice customers to come in for a taste. Now let your customers place orders directly from your tablet restaurant menu, making it easy to get their food exactly how they want it.

If you`re looking to create an online menu that will help grow your business, Instalacarte is the perfect platform for restaurant menus. We invite you to try our service today and see how easy it is to have a beautiful online menu that helps promote your restaurant or cafe. So, get started today and join the thousands of restaurants already partnered with Instalacarte.