How Does QR Code Work?


Over a few years, scannable QR codes have taken the world by storm. Whether you're paying for a meal at a restaurant or downloading files from your phone, chances are you already know of them.

However, if you’re only just beginning to understand the works and purpose of QR codes and how to extract information on QR codes, this guide is for you.

The Meaning of QR Code

A QR code also referred to as a quick response code, is a bar code that a scanner can read to access the data encoded.

The QR code language consists of four encoding modes, numeric, alphanumeric, binary and kanji, to store and generate data efficiently.

How Do They Work?

QR codes are essentially the same as the bar codes you find behind items in the supermarket. They're machine-readable and can easily be interpreted by humans once scanned with devices by rearranging the data to its original form.

Although there are several different QR code format, the most important parts include:

1. Data Module - the black and white squares are standard across all QR codes

2. Position Marker - every QR code has three position markers, which help scanners navigate and locate the code quickly and accurately

3. Quiet Zone - The blank area on all four sides allows scanners to place the QR code optically.

QR Code Uses

QR codes are great for storing large sets of data and quick scanning. That's what makes them great for restaurants, bars, shopping markets and even hospitals. With their online code scan technology, you can easily generate a touch-less menu that’s inexpensive and hygienic.

How to Create QR Codes?

While you might be sold on the idea of integrating a special QR code into your marketing strategy, you might find programming QR codes the most challenging part. Fortunately for you, you don't need to learn the QR code language from scratch. You can get a QR code generator to convert any link into a QR code with just a few clicks! All you need to do is enter your link in the form of a URL, phone number or even an SMS in the text box provided. The generator does the rest for you by encoding QR codes!

That's All, Folks!

While there’s certainly a lot more to QR codes, this was just a quick guide that gives you an overall picture.

QR technology is a multifunctional solution that is a leap forward from traditional bar codes. Understanding its essential works is crucial since you're only going to see more of them from here on out.

And with QR generators like QR code generator around, QR code programming can’t get easier!

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