How are QR Codes Used for Social Distancing


The pandemic has changed several things; however, one unexpected consequence is the revival of flexible QR codes.

How QR Codes Encourage Social Distancing

Quick response codes have provided businesses, stores, and customers with flexibility in communication. They're a highly adaptive option that allows information transfer by simply scanning the code. In addition, companies can have these machine-readable codes displayed on signs for easy access without compromising on government regulations.

A couple of sectors that have included QR codes into their business and marketing strategy include:


The restaurant industry, without a doubt, has suffered the most. However, they quickly bounced back by introducing digital menus, which allow customers to scan and browse the menu, place orders, and even choose preferred delivery options.

A popular app store QR code generator is QR codes into their business, a coder which helps generate contactless menus safely, without any charge.

Hospitals and Clinics

It's imperative to follow health regulations closely to limit the spread of infection. Hospitals are spreading awareness regarding personal hygiene and social distancing by sharing QR codes on a display sign for patients to scan and access valuable resources without touching public surfaces.

Healthcare systems are gravitating towards paperless operations and are encouraging patients to share medical information and feedback forms through these codes.


Another unfortunate aftermath of the pandemic is the current tourism state. However, as lockdowns are beginning to uplift in some areas, motels have developed QR code-based registrations and locks.

Keeping Up

To run a successful business in today’s market, it’s essential to adapt content accordingly.

You can do this by integrating quick response coding into your business approach to ensure you provide customers with easy solutions and deliver them a quality experience every time.

QR codes are here to stay, so might as well get used to them!

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