What is a QR Code


Business owners have been jumping on the QR code bandwagon, and understandably so! They’re not just great for eliminating paper menus in restaurants and making payments but also as trackers and locators.

Not quite sure what QR codes are and how to generate them? Don't fret. This overview will cover all the basics.

So, what are They?

Quick response codes, commonly referred to as QR codes, are a kind of uniquely patterned barcodes that can be scanned with the help of a scanner such as a scanning app or the inbuilt camera application in smartphones.

They usually lead to a website or a landing page that provides customers with something useful, such as a restaurant menu.

Types of QR codes

The content you share with your audience is essentially data. How that data is stored and encoded determines which QR code type to opt for.

Dynamic QR Code

This type of code is usually preferred. Only a short URL can be used, which directs users to your target data. This URL isn’t stored directly and can be edited at any time.

Static QR Code

Unlike dynamic QR codes, static QR codes don't allow as much flexibility. For example, a URL is stored directly onto the barcode and can't be changed once set.

Want to Generate a QR Code Menu?

Instalacarte, a QR code generator, provides easy solutions for restaurant owners. They have plenty of styles you can choose from and take your business online within minutes! And best of all, it's absolutely free!

Final Verdict

If you still haven’t tried out QR codes or a coder to generate them, your business is missing out on returning clients and potential leads. So, why not give them a shot and take your business to the next level?

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